An excellent take on feeding our kids….





Nutrition continues to be a hot topic. The recent expose in The New York Times Magazine points out the addictive and harmful properties of convenience food in a way that demands our attention.
The food we give our children can provide needed energy, and nutrition. This is indeed the core of a child’s physical, and to a degree emotional, infrastructure. At this point in time, it seems almost indisputable that convenience foods contribute to obesity, ADD/ADHD, Celiac disease and more. To knowingly continue to regularly feed our children processed food is simply crazy. Gogurt is not healthy yogurt.  Fruit rollups are not fruit. Frozen and packaged foods that are not carefully selected could have an immense amount of sodium and sugar. Not only are these products harmful but are manufactured specifically to lead a person to eat more than they ordinarily would. A child’s metabolism becomes compromised. Studies…

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