Detox…and the cure?


As expected, the craziness of my life with 3 kids in sports at the same time has taken over! While the calendar is filled to the brim with practices, games and team pictures, I am still working on tackling the medical issue that I have been dealing with for the past 2 years, constant swelling of my legs. As soon as the heat started this spring, the swelling got worse. Though I worked very hard to build muscle over the winter months (thank you 5K!), as soon as the thermometer hit 70 degrees, I was miserable. It would also get worse if I took a hot bath or wore thick socks or pant legs that were too tight.

If you read my post “Like a guinea pig …. or lab rat?” you know the full extent of my adventures with doctors and treatments. At that time, I was seeing an acupuncturist and taking some kind of herbal pills that seemed to help for awhile, but once I had LASIK eye surgery in mid-March, I couldn’t tolerate the additional dryness to my eyes. I had dehydration headaches for a week and had to stop. So, on to the next dr…….

I was referred to my latest doctor by the acupuncturist I was seeing. He was new to their practice, specializing in chiropractic care and nutrition (so I was told). After visiting him the first time, however, I would classify him as a Jack-of-all-trades. He uses a wide variety of testing and cures, including energy medicine and homeopathic remedies. Let’s just say that had I not already been to a long list of doctors for this condition, I think I would not have returned. But, long story made shorter, I think he knows what he’s doing!

After several odd examinations which revealed that my adrenals were not functioning properly, he started me on a remedy for lymphatic drainage (detox liquid) and megadoses of an adrenal support vitamin. He also mentioned that he thinks that I am allergic to dairy (hello, hormonal acne!) and should go off of it entirely. Sure, why not? I have nothing to lose at this point…

Over the next week, I thought that things were looking better. He had me keeping close measurements of my leg swelling, comparing morning to evening measurements. Through the two weeks following, the measurements were quite predictable and regularly increasing only 1/4 or 1/2 inch per day, always returning to the same base level each morning. We agreed that the swelling was about 50% better, so we needed something more. The doctor was very excited and thought that a mega-dose of Vitamin B6 was the thing that would now push it over the edge and cure the swelling.

I started the B6 Friday evening (warm evening, after an 80 degree day). Yesterday was Saturday and was equally warm for April. I spent the entire day at soccer games and then out in the backyard enjoying the sunshine (which I have been unable to do for the past two years, due to the swelling). Last night, I measured and had only a quarter inch of swelling in my calf, but none in my ankle! Just a month ago, I sat in a boat for a few hours in the sunshine and I couldn’t see my ankle by the middle of the afternoon! Are you kidding me?

Am I really healing from this horrible thing? The thought makes me want to weap with joy, but I will hold it in. I will try not to think of actually improving my 38-minute 5K because I will be able to run the whole thing. I will try not to think of hiking with my kids during the summer, or not spending the entire camping trip in a reclining camp chair. I will try not to think about running at the beach and playing in the waves and not suffering for the next few days because of it. Maybe it’s just a fluke and the swelling will return, but for now, I am blissfully happy.


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