This week – The Gluten Summit and new quick breakfast

Oh, I have so many things to get to…I am updating and editing recipe pages and have so many new things to add to the blog…but first things first!

Yesterday I discovered an online webinar series called The Gluten Summit. It is free to register and is THIS WEEK ONLY! I have heard some groundbreaking information from the leading experts in the field of gluten/celiac research, and yesterday was only Day 1! If you have any interest in learning more about gluten and its effects on the body, brain, etc., please register and check out the guest speakers. I am trying to listen to as many speakers as I can, but if you learn something new, please share with me!

Breakfast…I needed something warm and quick this morning. This turned out beautifully!

Warm Apple-Banana Meal (better name pending….)

1 apple

1 banana

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. almond butter

1 tsp. honey (if more sweetness is desired)

Grate 1 apple into microwave safe bowl. Heat for 2 min. Slice banana onto the warm apples. Add chia seeds and almond butter. Stir. Drizzle with honey. Enjoy!!!


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